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WKYC Channel 3 - Cleveland

Ohio college students create safety app


Female coder and Ohio State student fights back against assault with innovative 'Tego' safety app


Two Women Who Turned Frightening Experiences Into Empowering New Safety Technology


Ohio State Student Fights Back Against Attacks By Creating Safety App

WOSU Radio

Ohio State Student Creates App To Ensure A Safe Walk Home

The Lantern

Student Releases Unique Safety App, Seeks Feedback From Users

The Vindicator

App allows user to designate people as protectors

WOSU Radio

Tech Tuesday: Personal Safety And Mobile Applications

The Daily Reporter

Threatening Store Encounter Leads OSU Student To Create App To Help Keep Users Safe


Tego: Safety Comes First

Ohio State Newsletter

Ohio State student fights back against attacks by creating safety app

View from the Pugh

Podcast: An App for Safety!

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