Tego FAQs

These are questions that are frequently asked by Tego users.

Do my friends need the app in order to protect me along my trip?

No. Although we encourage protectors to download Tego, they receive real-time SMS updates if they opt-out of downloading Tego.

Why does Tego need to access my contacts?

Tego only saves your protector's name and phone number.

This information can be added manually if you opt-out of giving access to your contacts!

Is there an Android version of Tego?

Tego on Android will be available in August 2019.

Does Tego save my video footage?

Yes. Tego respects your data privacy, and makes every effort to give you full access. Video footage is stored for 14 days.

If you would like access to your video evidence, please contact us. We respond within 24 hours!

Why the name Tego?

Tego means protect in Latin; this is our goal at Tego!

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