About Us

Meet the founders of Tego, Mark and Angela, and learn more about our passion to get you home safely.

Angela thought of Tego after moving to Columbus to study Computer Science at OSU. During her first semester, she was assaulted while shopping at a local grocery store. Feeling scared in a new city, she relied heavily on her father to stay on the phone with her while traveling. Keeping your phone visibly out in the open makes you look vulnerable since you are not as aware of your surroundings as someone who has their phone put away. Angela knew she could create an app that gave you the peace of mind, like being on the phone, while protecting you. She developed this idea at the OSU OHI/O Hackation in 2018, where she took first place.

Mark has a younger sister who is active in the theatre community at her college. She often is practicing her performance late at night, sometimes even until ten or eleven o’clock. Mark is always worried about his sister, constantly checking in on her to make sure she arrives safely. There were a few times when his sister forgot to notify Mark when she arrived home, which also led Mark to think there was a better solution to texting him when she arrives home.

Angela and Mark were friends and attended the same Bible study. The two decided to partner up and try to tackle this issue of communicating while traveling. They both are finishing school at OSU, and plan on pursuing Tego fulltime. Whether it was from an assault or anxiety, traveling alone causes many people to feel uneasy. Tego calms these nerves while adding in additional layers of protection – such as our safety alarm and the live video recording. These features allow us to warn or perpetrators while recording their actions to report to authorities.